Winter Weather Driving for Teens

Local News

With the snow and below freezing temperatures, black ice could be on its way. Drivers should use extra caution while on the roads.

Black ice is ice that has developed on the surface, but has take the color of the surface, making it transparent with the ground. Common spots are bridges and overpasses.

Some tips while driving would be to not accelerate or brake over the ice. The car should proceed over the ice slowly over the ice. So make sure to drive slowly over it.

Steve Verdon of AAAA Driving School teaches teens driver’s education. He says that parents need to make sure their kids have a plan before driving in hazardous weather.

“Parents should be reminding kids to drive slow, make sure they know where they’re going,” Verdon said. “Have a plan of where they’re going to go and the most important part is to have the option for an out.”

Verdon says to make sure you have gloves, an ice scraper and fresh windshield wiper fluid before you take off.

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