A 42-year-old Bettendorf woman faces a felony charge after police allege she broke into the Bettendorf Police Department.

Brooke Heskett faces a felony charge of second-degree burglary and an aggravated misdemeanor charge of third-degree criminal mischief, court records show.

Brooke Heskett (Scott County Jail)

Police allege that at 10:13 p.m. Tuesday she “perpetrated a burglary in the second degree upon an occupied structure with more than one person inside” at the Bettendorf Police Department, 1609 State St., Bettendorf, affidavits say.

She gained access to the building through a secured doorway by kicking the glass out of the doorway, police allege in affidavits. “This created an opening for (her) to reach through and unlock the door from the inside,” affidavits say. “Once inside, (she) then entered the maintenance room and exited shortly after taking paperwork off a desk and scattered it about the lobby area.”

After she was read her Miranda Rights, police allege she claimed she had money taken from her by an officer and she broke into the Police Department to take the money back, according to affidavits.

Heskett was being held on a $12,000 bond in Scott County Jail, court records show.