It’s now been three days since the murder-suicide shooting at Maquoketa Caves State Park that claimed the lives of three people and the shooter.

Sunday night, we brought you more new information about the tragedy, including new details on the victims.

The Schmidt family, 42-year-old Tyler Schmidt, 42-year-old Sarah Schmidt, 9-year-old Arlo and 6-year-old Lula, were enjoying a vacation together at Maquoketa Caves before they became the unsuspecting victims of the shooting.

Tyler, Sarah and Lula were the three people found dead together in a tent Friday morning — all of them shot to death.

Their family members say Arlo survived the attack and is now safe, but he no doubt has a long road ahead of him.

When this all happened Friday morning, there were a lot of initial questions and concerns — all stemming from the first 911 call.

We have new police scanner audio to share with you from the moments police first got the call.

They say a woman called 911 after a young boy, who was most likely Arlo, ran up to her telling her what happened to his family.

Click on the video above to listen to what some of the police communication sounded like that morning.