Woman runs the Quad Cities Marathon after recovering from a car accident

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People from all over the country and even parts of the world took part in this year’s Quad Cities Marathon.

In the 26.2 mile run, runners passed through four cities, three bridges and two states.

This is Jennifer Bertling’s first time running the marathon, accomplishing something she didn’t know she could do. In September of 2020, Bertling was in a car accident involving a semi truck and was worried she wouldn’t ever be the same.

“I had some severe back injuries to where I had to go through physical therapy and other expensive doctor appointments to get back to normal,” said Bertling. “At one point in time, my physical therapist didn’t know if I’d ever be able to run again, and so I told him, ‘No, I’m not a quitter.’ I said, ‘We’re going to train, we’re going to get me better and I’m going to get there.”

The healing process wasn’t easy, but she’s glad to be part of the race.

“Don’t go too hard; just do some. It’s better than none, and with progress and time, it worked. Here I am,” said Bertling. “Do not underestimate yourself. As long as you believe you can, you can, and you will. It just takes that believing is half of the battle.”

Bertling finished the marathon in 7 hours and 2 minutes.

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