Woman speaks out about issues in her neighborhood after shooting nearby

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A Davenport woman is speaking out after more than 20 shots were fired in her neighborhood.

It happened at 14th and Warren streets. Police say bullets hit two houses and a car in the neighborhood, but no one was hurt.

She wanted to remain anonymous, but said that incidents like last night aren’t unusual and a fair share of scary scenes take place.

“I was at my car, and a man come by, and I was busy putting things in the back of my car, and he made sure and come up and bumped the front of my car and looked at me. When I looked up he was looking at me, to make sure that I guess I was intimidated by him.”

She says the same man has come up to her car and exposed himself to her. When she moved in, she thought it would be a good place to live, but now feels otherwise.

“But it’s not easy especially at this time, to just pick up and find another place to live. I do feel bad for some because I don’t think they really have any other alternative”

She called the police to look into incidents in the past. We filed a public records request with the Davenport Police Department to see how often they respond to the area. We’ll follow up when we find out more.

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