Since the clock struck midnight on Wednesday, Angel Richmond and her family have been picketing, standing in solidarity with other UAW members.

“We’ve been on the line. We were there on Thursday, we were there on Friday, we will be there again tomorrow (Monday) and every day that we possibly can be down there,” Richmond said. “We’ll be down there standing with them, whether it’s our picket line duty or not, we’ll be down there as much as possible.”

She noticed union workers who were picketing weren’t getting the same support overnight.

“You don’t have that same support,” Richmond said. “You just don’t get that same outpouring feeling like we do during the day because the businesses are closed, people are sleeping, they have to work the next day; that kind of thing,” Richmond said.

She decided to create a GoFundMe page to help pay for the meals she’ll be making. She feels it’s important that every union worker feels they’re receiving support throughout their time on strike.

“One night seven days in a row is what we’re trying for, so that way, each night, all of them rotate so they’re not working every night,” Richmond said. “The same person’s not there every time, and I wanted all of them to have a little piece of that.”

Any money that exceeds the GoFundMe page will be donated to three local nonprofits in the area, which are: QC Paws, UAW Local 865 Women’s Group and UAW Local 865 Veterans’ Group.