Women and weapons: LeClaire business aims to protect women

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We’re getting more reports lately about women who find themselves in dangerous situations

Earlier this week we told you about two local women. Both say they were followed and harassed while shopping at Walmart on Elmore.

One says a man followed her out to her car, and even banged on her windows as she tried to leave.

Another says two men approached her as she walked in the store, and followed her around. She was so scared she had employees walk her out.

In late July a woman in Davenport reported an incident.

She says a man in a white van drove around her block, and stopped several times along the way.

It fit the description of a similar incident in Clinton a few days earlier. In that case a man asked two women for ride, and asked if they wanted to make money.

Rather than waiting on a situation like this to happen more women are taking safety into their own hands.

“It’s phenomenal what the demand is out there,” says Angie Fullmer, Owner of Mama Bear’s Boutique.

More and more people are turning to weapons, some lethal and some less than lethal.

Fullmer says, “The conversations out there are, there’s a lot of people out there who are afraid. They’re afraid with where this world is going.”

Fullmer says pepper spray has been in high demand.

“The pepper gel sold out weeks ago. I will be able to and some pepper gel, where you can put it in your hand like that and hold it. It’s not the larger canister,” she says.

Living in a world full of uncertainty you never know when you’ll encounter a scary situation.

Fullmer says whether you need a concealed carry handbag, a stun gun, pepper spray or a hair pin that can also be used as a weapon. It’s important to have layers of self defense options.

“No town, no place is actually untouched from this scare. People creeping around, and scaring people, following people, stalking your kids. It’s every where, and the moment you let your guard down that’s when something can happen,” says Fullmer.

Fullmer also holds concealed carry classes every other Wednesday.

There people can learn about self defense options, and ways to best protect yourself.

For more information you can visit Mama Bear’s Boutique Facebook page.

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