Women in Clinton want to warn others about a man who confronted them outside their home

Local News

Some women in Clinton are speaking up after a strange experience they say could have turned dangerous.

The women say they were confronted by a man in a SUV and they say the man was trying to get them to take a ride and all of this was caught on camera.

Barbara didn’t want to be on camera but she described what happened to her and her cousin Mary.

“My cousin and I we were sitting on my porch this vehicle drove by about 3 times came back around the 4th time pulled over I asked him if he was lost he didn’t say anything,” said Barbara.

Mary said she and Barbara were Facetiming their other cousin and that’s when she decided to record the incident.

“Something doesn’t seem right so she went on her phone and started screen recording because by this time he was already pulled up to the curb,” said Mary.

What the suspect said left them speechless.

“Asked us how we were doing and if we would like to make some money I said how so he said come take a ride,” said Barbara.

The Clinton Police Department was notified and got in contact with the cousins to get a description of the suspect and his vehicle.

“It’s a white 4-door SUV, tinted windows in the back.” […] “Older gentleman, late 60’s, white,” said Barbara.

If you have any information you are asked to call the Clinton Police Department.

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