If someone on your holiday shopping list is hoping for a pony, you may be able to fill that wish by helping local rescue horses in need.

WonderRidge Equine Sanctuary in Swedona, Illinois rescues horses that are sold at auctions and would otherwise end up being killed if not sold and currently has ten horses, two minis and a pony.

The sanctuary’s owners are asking for help to keep their mission going because they rely entirely on donations and their own funds to keep the rescue going. Rising costs for supplies like hay and grain over the past year has made things even harder.

For instance, last year you got a pretty good bale of hay for 5 or $6 a bale now it’s seven or eight, “says Noah Wondergem.  A bale like in Colorado a bale of hay is 30 bucks right now so we’re lucky in the Midwest. When you figure out that 30 to 40% increase in cost, that’s a lot.  We really need our community’s help to keep doing what we’re doing.”

The group has set a fundraising goal of $7,500, which would go a long way to helping feed their animals through the winter. Wondergem says there are many of ways to donate on their Facebook page (). The horses eat between one and one and a half bales of hay a day, so with the current prices, donors can make a major difference with only $5 or $10.