Would you live in a haunted house?

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Most haunted regions of America (Courtesy of Cinch Home Services)

Doors creaking… unexplained sounds… things that go bump in the night…

Do Quad Citians believe in ghosts, and would they live in a haunted house?

(Courtesy of Cinch Home Services)

Just in time for Halloween, the folks at Cinch Home Services wanted to see how many people have been affected by a haunting in their own homes, so they conducted a study to find out. The results might shock you.

(Courtesy of Cinch Home Services)

Here are some frightening facts that came from the survey and study:

  • 83% of people have experienced paranormal activity at least once in their home – 76% say it happened in their current home
  • One in 10 people moved out of their home after a paranormal experience
  • The south (38%) is the most haunted region of the U.S., followed by the west (30%), Midwest (17%) and northeast(15%)
  • 31% of farmhouses in the Midwest are said to be haunted, as are 12% of contemporary or industrial modern homes and 11% of colonial homes
  • 34% of paranormal activity in the Midwest takes place in the bedroom – 33% takes place in the living room, and 8% takes place in the backyard
  • 41% of people are willing to live in a haunted house – 55% are willing to live next to one 
  • 50% of people in the Midwest are extremely willing to buy a haunted house –  60% expect to pay less for it

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Do you believe in ghosts?

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