Wyffels Hybrids serves those who served

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Deep into the cornfields around Wyffels Hybrids, it’s pollination time as the ears begin to develop.

But a budding effort for this seed company is to grow not only a livelihood but a place to live.

Marketing Director Tim Birkel said, “Growers and farmers all throughout the midwest are absolutely supportive of any kind of military and veteran initiative.”

Looking to give back, Wyffels Hybrids Marketing Director Tim Birkel said it’s what inspired the new effort Serving those who Served.

They’ll be raising funds to support a project building homes opening the door to more independence for injured veterans.

Birkel said, “Homes for Our Troops is a non-profit organization focused on post-9/11 veterans who need specially adapted housing.”

Wyffels already know who they’ll be serving two Marines injured by Improvised Explosive Devices while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

There’s Dominic Fernandez in Minnesota.

Fernandez said, “For some reason, I couldn’t move my right foot so finally, I was like I know what I’ve got. So when I got up, 

And Bobby McCardle in Wisconsin.

McCardle said, “The injuries have gotten worse and they’re going to continue to get worse.”

The next two years as Wyffels Hybrids sell its latest variety.

Birkel said, “5086 is a brand new hybrid just launching it this season.”

Two dollars per bag will be headed to finish up the veterans’ homes and support future projects in the midwest.

Birkel said, “Our employees are able to participate in the actual building of the sites and get to know the actual families that are involved.”

Building a place not just honoring service but helping the wounded feel independence in their home.

McCardle said, “It’s going to be something that’s going to prepare for our future. My future health as well.”

People don’t just need to buy seed to help with the effort.

Learn more by visiting the Serving Those Who Served website.

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