You can no longer buy single servings of alcohol in the City of Moline.

With alcohol in general, you have to but more than 48 ounces.

City officials say the ordinance, that has been in effect for about a month is needed to address the city public intoxication problem. They also say it will enforce public safety.

Detective Jon Leach, with Moline Police Department says, “Alcohol in general you have to buy more than 48 ounces so in reality you can buy a couple of 40 ounces, because then you’ll have 80 ounces.”

The ordinance also applies to single serving airplane servings of liquor like vodka and tequila.

Leach says, “For the most part we’re just trying to detour the public drinking, and the public intoxication, the one can here and there. We had some traffic accidents where pedestrians have been hit, it’s more public safety ”

Hari Poduel Owner of C U Food and Liquor says, “The city is trying to do a good thing, but this is not the way it should be handled.”

He says the banning of single serving alcohol is going to have an affect on his business.

“Everybody is going to go where they can find single served. I can not sell, so if I can not sell then I can’t do any business,” says Poduel.

He says there are liquor stores in neighboring cities that are allowed to sell single served . He says he has already lost customers due to the new alcohol law in the city.

“We have to follow the law, and I’m happy with it. We post it right there. Oh right there they are selling single cans. I’m not buying 48 ounces, so I lost so many customers. You can not just make a rule for your city, and other people can walk out other cities, and buy single served, it’s not fair for us doing that same business,” says Poduel.

You can still go to any bar or restaurant and order drinks. City officials say they are just trying to limit people walking into a convince store, grabbing a beer, and walking around the streets.