You may want to rethink how you decorate this holiday season

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If you are thinking about decorating your house for Christmas, you may want to stick to last year’s decorations.

A global shortage in Christmas trees has caused an uptick in price, as well as speeding up the time consumers are being urged to purchase their decorations.

Artificial trees, real trees and LED Christmas lights are all expected to face shortages for the 2021 holiday season.

Unprecedented weather events have led to a shortage of real Christmas trees.

As a result, the prices of both artificial trees and decor have gone up as much as 25%.

Christmas trees are the latest fallout from the ongoing global supply chain crisis that is causing a massive shipping backlog.

Due to supply chain disruptions, artificial trees are also expected to be scarce in supply and more expensive this year.

Artificial tree sellers are raising their prices with even less supply than years before.

“The global supply chain, freight issues as well as the fires out west that are hurting the western tree production has put more pressure on eastern tree production, so normally, we would get about a thousand Christmas trees to sell,” said Kate Terrell, owner of Wallace’s Garden Center. “This year, we’re looking at just under 500 trees.”

Kate also noted that, if buyers could hold off just another year without purchasing a new artificial tree and LED lights, this might be the year to do so.

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