Controversial photos from New Jersey are causing a stir with local photographers in the Quad Cities. 

A local photographer sent the images to Local 4 News on Facebook. They depict young girls in minimal clothing, smoking, drinking and in intimate poses. They are by a well-known children’s portrait photographer from the east coast, but many people are saying these images crossed a line.

One of those people is Bettendorf-based photographer Marci Worlton, who specializes in children’s portraits. She says the job of a photographer is to make their subject’s personality come out. 

In the case of these photos, Worlton says the photographer made the girls into something they’re not by having them act older than their age. She says it’s disheartening to see a fellow photographer do that.

Worlton also worries about what the girls were thinking when the photographer was instructing them on how to pose.

“I don’t think they understood the innocence that was lost from that. You can’t take it back. Once it’s done, it’s out there forever. Even though those pictures have kind of disappeared off of certain pages, they’ve been screenshot. They’re forever out there,” she said.