Local Sheriffs department joining the #MoveOver movement, they say Scot’s Law holds greater value


We’ve seen it as the hash tag #MoveOver and we’ve heard about it as the Move-Over Slow Down law.  Now the Whiteside Sheriffs Department is making sure people are taking it seriously and the safety of their officers is definite. 

“I wouldnt say probably close encounter with death but close encounters where it could’ve been bad.” Deputy Sean Coutts has been on the job at Whiteside County for six years. He says there’s been accidents with deputies being hit by other cars but not like this. “Not happening at the frequency that its happening at now it feels like,”  says Coutts.

He’s making sure people follow the law because of a personal connection to one of the fallen deputies, trooper Brooke Jones- Story. Coutts says he went to school with the troopers step-daughter. “I might have not known her personally but you know it touches everybodies lives in some way.”

Last Friday, sheriffs across the state of Illinios have been participating in a Traffic Awareness campaign,
one that aims to save lives.

“You know the most important this is to pay attention to your driving, you know pay attention to to whats going on even by chance that theres somebody on the side of the road changing a tire and theres not a police car there, move over,” says Sheriff John Booker of the Whiteside County Sheriffs Department.

Sheriff Booker tells me that they’re securing the safety of their own men by having a back-up car when preforming traffic stops and holding those law violaters accountable.

“Our goal isnt to write up tickets to everyone we want everyone to be safe wether its the police, emergency personal, tow-truck drivers,” says the sheriff. 

Deputy Coutts says if drivers could pay more attention, the law is easy and simple to follow. “If you just take in the few extra seconds to slow down or you know be more cautious, then all of these situations, whether theres a death invovled or not could be avoided.”

The Traffic Awareness campaign started last Friday and ends april 19th. The Whiteside Sheriffs Department says they will continue to enforce the law well beyond that time. They’re reminding drivers to move over, slow down, and put down the Phone.

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