Local teen recovering from brain injury after attempting #KikiChallenge


It’s called the Kiki Challenge, sparked by Drake’s song called “In My Feelings.” 

The dance moves have escalated in many cases to a person dancing alongside a moving car.

Tonight the moves come with a warning.

That’s after a Bettendorf 18-year-old tried to do the challenge and ended up at an Iowa City hospital with a traumatic brain injury a week ago. 

“Anna was with a couple of friends and they were just out driving around on a summer evening,” explains Kimberly Munn, Above the Barre Dance Academy owner and longtime family friend of the Wordens.

It started out as a typical summer night for a group of teens.

“From what we can tell she just went in to do this challenge and just stepped out of the car wrong and just fell backwards and hit her head,” Munn says. 

Anna was one of thousands attempting the Kiki Challenge.

It started as a dance challenge but has escalated to new, dangerous levels– with people attempting to jump out of moving cars to get clicks.

It’s prompted warnings from law enforcement officials across the world, including on Tuesday from the National Transportation and Safety Board

Now, as Anna recovers from a traumatic brain injury in Iowa City, a warning comes from those closest to her. 

“Be aware of what’s going on and just be careful because a lot of people are rooting for you and one decision like this can change your life forever,” says Munn, who known Anna since she was just two years old. 

She’s been teaming up with the Worden family to make sure an accident like this doesn’t happen to anyone else. 

“We have sent out this message of how dangerous this challenge is to as many people as we possibly can,” Munn says. 

And that message doesn’t stop at teens. 

“Parents and teachers be aware of what your kids are doing and stay up on these trends and stay up on these fads as best as you can so you can really go in and explain to them how life changing a decision like this can be.” 

Munn is confident that the Pleasant Valley Graduate will recover.

“Anna is the spunkiest most spirited child I have ever known in my life,” Munn says. 

But says doctors still aren’t sure if the dancer will ever return to her normal state again. 

“A very quick decision turned into something that’s going to change her road for a longtime to come, says Munn.

Munn says the dance community is organizing a fundraising effort to help the Worden family with medical bills. 

They hope Anna will be released from the hospital sometime this week.

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