Local vets face homelessness and illness


UPDATE: On Friday, Summer Ridge Apartments sent Local 4 News an updated statement.

“Unfortunately we were not able to renew their lease, but they were given the legal 30 day notice of non-renewal, which gives them 30 days to find another home,” said the statement. 

DAVENPORT – A terminally ill veteran is dealing with another challenge: He’s being evicted and doesn’t know why. 

Kenneth Anders called Local 4 News tonight.

He says management at Summer Ridge apartments in Davenport served him and his brother an eviction notice on June 28th. 

It said the two veterans had to be out before the end of July. 

Ken and Keith Anders moved into their apartment in August. 

That’s when their parents passed away and they could no longer afford the mortgage on the house. 

Neither of them expected to be facing homelessness less than a year later.

“In my condition, I’m scared,” says Ken.  

Local 4 News called the apartment management for an explanation. 

They told us “It’s in the best interest of Summer Ridge not to renew that lease.” 

A spokesperson refused to answer any more questions before hanging up.

“The way I have seen veterans treated, it’s disgusting. There’s no wonder there are so many homeless veterans,” says Ken. 

And the 60-year-old doesn’t want to become one of them. 
He served in the army reserve’s military police for 12 years. 
His brother, 57-year-old Keith, was in the Army National Guard.

They don’t have any other support.

“My brother who’s in this with me is all the family I have,” says Ken. 

They are now scrambling to find a place to live on such short notice.

“We’re not asking for help for housing, we’re asking for help getting into a place and there’s no place for immediate move in,” says Ken. 

Ken says he and his brother just want somewhere to call home before it’s too late.

“I don’t want to take anymore risks of them deciding it’s in their best interest that we leave,” he says.

Ken has several terminal medical conditions, including kidney failure, and entered hospice care in the fall.

He fears the end may be near. 

“I’m dying. I am afraid of dying in the streets with no place to go and no one to care.”

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