Local woman starts non-profit offering at-home blood drawings that will serve hundreds in QC


The Metropolitan Laboratory has provided many services for those in the Quad Cities area. One of those services is at-home blood drawings, its known as their Extended Care program.
A program that will not continue at the new company that bought Metro, known as LabCorp.

For over 30 years, the Extended Care program has made it easier for patients who are disabled, injured, or elderly to get their blood drawn at the convenience of their home.
These blood tests are vital for doctors and the lives of patients.Carla Downing says she’s making sure these patients’ needs aren’t abandoned. 

“What am i going to do, how am i going to handle blood draws now which i really need?”

A worry Paul Prybil didn’t have a couple of months ago. He, like many in the Quad Cities, benefits from programs like extended care.
Bound to a wheelchair and dealing with heart disease that requires to get his blood drawn every week, at-home services is something he needs.

“If i didn’t have a service to come to my house and draw the blood for me then i’d have to find another ride another one besides all the other ones i have,” says Prybil.

But now a longtime Metro Lab employee who’s worked in the Extended Care unit is stepping in. 

“There are people who can’t get out and we need to care for them too. They have needs just like everybody else who can come into the lab,” says Carla Downing of Metro Lab.

After she heard the news, Downing says she came up with the idea for Heart and Hands Homedraw.

“I felt like we should do a nonprofit and give it out for free. So that way everybody, regardless what their income is, they can get a service that they desperately need,” shares Downing.

Phlebotomists will now take these blood drawing kits on wheels to those who can’t leave their homes.

“It’s a godsend because there are so many people including myself, that don’t have transportation,” says Prybil.

Downing says while Metro Labs might be over, the people who need this help are not going to be forgotten. 

All of the equipment Downing will be using was given to her by Metro Lab. She says they’ve been supportive in her new endeavor and she’s very grateful. Heart and Hands Homedraw will start its services April 1st. If you’d like to help support the non-profit, they’ve set up a GoFundMe page here 

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