Makerspace banding together to fight the flooding


Another business on Second Street in Downtown Davenport has been struggling.

QC Co-Lab has turned the flooding into their latest project as they try to keep water out of the Makerspace off Centennial Bridge.

Members have been working around the since Monday putting up sandbags and running pumps.

They said right now the effort is to keep up with the water accumulating in their basement and elevator shaft.

Right now with ten pumps, they’ve been able to keep up with the water coming in.

One of the board members told Local 4 News this isn’t his first time dealing with flooding.

“I was in Cedar Rapids during the 08 flood sandbagging, so I’ve seen it like this. You know, sandbags fail quick, so we’ve got to stay ahead of it,” said Ryan Weekly, a board member with QC Co-Lab.

Weekly said they have about 20 members working on the effort.

“We’ve had people sleeping here and watching pumps and making sure nothing blows out, and we’re going to stay dry,” he said.

Some of their volunteers have taken off work to help with the effort. 

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