Man charged after truck rams car into Brady Mart

Jason M. Hurt

A man has been charged in the incident earlier this month when a truck rammed a car into Brady Mart.

Jason Hurt, 33 of Davenport has been charged with three counts of assault while displaying a dangerous weapon, one count of first degree criminal mischief and one count of second degree criminal mischief. 

Here is the raw security video in two parts:


Brady Mart manager says weekend crash is “heartbreaking”

June 11, 2018

The manager of Brady Mart is speaking out after a car crashed through the front of her store early Saturday morning.

Davenport Police were called to the convenience store at 3107 Brady Street around midnight on Saturday. That’s where they found a white pick up truck had crashed into the back of a red car, sending the red car into the front of the building. 

“We initially got called for a traffic crash,” said Jeffrey Bladel, Assistant Chief of Davenport Police. “But upon arrival they determined it was more than just a crash. It involved a disturbance, possible road rage incident…there could be a number of different charges. And again they’re going to have to review the full case, review everything they can and then go from there.”  

The incident was caught on video, which an employee uploaded to YouTube, hoping to catch those responsible. The surveillance video is uploaded as two parts, totaling around 14 minutes. 

In the video a man is seen leaving Brady Mart and getting into a white pick up truck. He then starts arguing with someone in a dark colored car. The white pick up truck leaves the scene, almost crashing into a red car in the lot. The video shows two women exchanging words before getting into a physical fight.

The white pick up truck returns a short time later and slams into the back of the red car, which was parked at the time, sending it into the front of the building. 

A small child can be seen in the back seat of the red car as it crashes into the building.

The crash results in a fight between at least four individuals seen in the video.

Davenport Police say the suspect(s) fled the scene before they arrived, and no one is in custody at this time. 

Police say no one was injured. 

On Monday Tawni Peters, the General Manager of Brady Mart, says this needs to be taken seriously, and they hope their camera footage will help catch those responsible. 

“It’s very frustrating because you know, when you work hard to have nice things or to own a business, and to be part of the community, and then to have something like this happen is very detrimental,” said Peters. “It’s damaging. And it’s frustrating because you put so much money and hard work into something and then in a matter of seconds it’s damaged.” 

Peters says she was very disturbed when she noticed the child in the surveillance video. 

“I think in anybody’s mind, there’s an innocent child involved,” said Peters. “It could’ve been a lot worse than it was, but it is sad to see that somebody’s child was in the backseat of a car, not only during the wreck but prior to that, that witnessed everything and that’s not.. I don’t think anybody wants their children to be exposed to that so the whole situation was just very disheartening, very sad.”

Anyone with information regarding this incident is encouraged to call the Davenport Police Department at 563 326-6125 or submit an anonymous tip via the mobile app entitled  “CityConnect Davenport, IA” or “CrimeReports by Motorola”.

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