Man charged with animal cruelty and animal abuse found guilty

Damien Ingram found guilty in Henry County trial

Today, Damien Ingram was found guilty on 2 counts: animal cruelty, and animal torture. 

The charges are the latest development in the animal abuse case out of Henry County in which a puppy named Thor had its throat slit.

After Thor was found, police brought Ingram in for questioning, where he admitted to slitting the puppy's throat in an attempt to spare the puppy from suffering from what he thought was mange. 

A Henry County Judge thought his admission was grounds to convict him of animal cruelty.

Prosecutors also proved to the judge that Ingram's intention was to prolong the pain and suffering of the animal, which resulted in the conviction of animal torture.

Thor's current owner Jami Lee says she is thrilled about the verdict.

"Relief, we really thought he was gonna try and get out of it some way shape or form. Just relief, excitement, " Lee stated after the verdict was handed down.

Damien Ingram's sentencing trial is set for May 8th at the Henry County courthouse.

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