Man whose car was damaged in Steak ‘n Shake fight says restaurant isn’t paying


A man whose car was damaged in last month’s Steak ‘n Shake fight says he feels like he’s taking another hit after he says the restaurant is leaving him high and dry.

The fight happened last month at the Steak ‘n Shake on Elmore Avenue in Davenport and a diner caught it all on video. Nathan King’s car was damaged when an employee threw a chair so he hoped the restaurant would cover the damage.

King said the agent’s reasoning was that the fight wasn’t work related and Steak ‘n Shake didn’t authorize it. 

Repairs totaled more than $3,000 and insurance covered most of it, but now King has a ding on his record. 

King’s next idea was to file a civil suit against the people who damaged his car, but he can’t do that because Davenport Police have not made any arrests. 

King told Local 4 News it feels like no one is holding the vandals accountable. 

“For them to say, ‘oh we didn’t authorize the fight,’ I was like, ‘Well, I didn’t authorize your employee to throw a chair, you know, at my vehicle,'” King said. “I mean to me that was the biggest insult right there was when they said that … It sets a precedent. I mean, unless you commit a real bad crime like murder or something you can just pretty much get away with it it seems like.”

A spokesperson for Davenport Police said they issued four warrants relating to the fight. 

Local 4 News also called the agency handling the claim and they referred us to their attorney, who did not contact us.

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