March snow pushes us into top 5 snowiest season ever

Image by _Alicja_ from Pixabay

Our St. Patrick’s Day weekend snow has officially pushed us into the top 5 for snowiest seasons ever in the Quad Cities!

Officially, we picked up 2.1″ in Moline and 3.0″ in Davenport.  

Here’s a list of snowiest seasons ever: 

1. 1974/75 – 69.7″

2. 2013/14 – 65.1″

3. 1978/79 – 64.0″

4. 1959/60 – 61.5″

5. 2018/19 – 60.7″

This snow brought an end to a break from the wintry weather.  Before this weekend the last time we had snow was February 20th.  

That means this winter has provided us with (to name a few:)

The coldest temperature ever in the Quad Cities.

One of the coldest wind chills we’ve ever had.

Snowiest November ever.

Snowiest January ever.

5th snowiest season ever.

Click here for a list of other snow totals from this weekend, and find out where it snowed 5 inches this weekend!  

Had enough (like Andy McCray has?)  Most of this will be gone by this afternoon as March sunshine is already melting the snow away…

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