Melting ice jams flood roads in Barstow

Many of us see ice jams as we drive near the Rock and Mississippi rivers.
Warm weather like we had this weekend can cause them to melt, flooding nearby roads.
Some out in Barstow, Illinois are dealing with that now.
Big chunks of ice can be seen covering the road…
People drove through taking pictures, but neighbors say it’s more of a pest for them.
“We don’t get it like this every year,” said Fred Lundeen. 
Fred and Carolyn Lundeen live in Barstow.
They’ve been in their home by the Rock River for three decades, and a few factors play into if the ice jams will cause flooding.
“The warm weather, or rain, which breaks it up. When the river’s high, then it shoves it all in through here. If the river’s in it’s banks, the ice will stay out in the river,” said Fred. 
The Lundeens’ own this campground here, but you can’t see much of it because it’s underwater. They say when they start to see these ice jams coming up along the road, they know they may be in for some damage come spring.
“It just breaks whatever it wants, that’s in it’s path,” said Carolyn.  
“We got water lines in there. The ice was all piled up through there. All them water lines are broke now,” said Fred. 
Fred says they used to work other jobs, aside from the campground.
To get to work, they sometimes road their boat through the ditch to get out…
“The shortest way is to take the boat down from here to Barstow, and then get in the car and go,” said Fred. 
Many may wonder why they put up with the flooding…
The Lundeens say it’s all worth it when the weather breaks.
“You gotta like to be on the river. All the recreation… the fishing, the boating, jet skis, all that stuff,” said Fred. 
But in the meantime, they deal with the blows dealt by winter, and urge others who live on the river to think ahead.
“Be prepared for floods… because they leave their stuff down. A lot of people that camp down that way,” said Carolyn. 
Making a plan for the cold weather, to kick back in the summer and enjoy the views and fun out on the Rock River.

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