It was the first time in court for the Dixon man police say entered his former school and opened fired.

Matthew Milby entered a plea of not guilty to the three felony charges he faces.

The short hearing covered the punishment the counts carry.

His bond remains at $2 million, even though Milby’s attorney sought to have it lowered. 

Police said he used a semi-automatic rifle his mother bought in 2012, opening fire in the halls and shooting at the school resource officer Mark Dallas, who quickly intervened.

Milby met with his lawyer for the first time Friday afternoon.

Thomas Murray, the defense attorney for Milby, said he’d known the 19-year-old and his family for about five years on a professional basis.

Murray said what he saw in court fits with the young man he knows.

Murray said, “Matthew is a polite boy so his demeanor today did not surprise me.”

Judge “Do you understand what I just said?”

Milby “Yes your honor.”

Judge “Do you have any questions, Mr. Milby.”

Milby “No your honor.”

Short and simple in responses is all the court heard during the first appearance for the 19-year-old former Dixon High School students who Wednesday, police said brought a gun into school and opened fired.

Appearing from jail by video and speaking to the judge by phone, Matthew Milby learned the full extent of the charges he faces.

For his attorney, Thomas Murray, he said his client has had nothing like on his record.

“Not been in really any trouble before. I think an ordinance violation for cannabis is the only thing on his record and maybe some traffic,” Murray said. 

He also addressed that Milby had faced altercations with others only recently.

Murray said, “I’m aware that Matt had his jaw broken in an altercation in the last six to eight months. I don’t know the particulars. No charges were filed against the perpetrators.”

Murray added as this city is still processing, it’s fortunate there was no loss of life.

Murray said, “There’s a lot of emotional injury for sure, but Matt’s the only one that had a physical injury in this incident.”

And like many in this city, Murray said Milby’s parents are also looking for answers.

Murray said, “Concerned, confused and heartbroken.”

The next hearing for Milby is scheduled for next Wednesday, May 23 at  9 a.m., one week from the shooting.

Murray said it’s likely he would be exploring options for Milby for mental health or other issues.