Millions of dollars in, millions more planned for Downtown Davenport growth

DAVENPORT, Iowa - Some changes are on the way to the streets of Downtown Davenport. 

You may have seen "coming soon" signs in vacant windows. 

It's part of millions of dollars going into the area. 

Kyle Carter, executive director of the Downtown Davenport Partnership, says $48 million of construction is currently underway in downtown Davenport and more than $93 million in planned projects. 

A handful of businesses are getting ready to open their doors over the next few months.

One new project is Roam on East River Drive, which will be a lounge, bar and motor garage. 

That's expected to open in the fall. 

Another is a diner that will be located on the second floor of the Freight House on West River Drive. 

That's expected to open by the end of the year. 

Paradigm is set to open in about two weeks. 

Owner Steve Grubbs tells Local 4 News says it will be the first combined e-sports and virtual reality arcade in the world.

Grubbs says they'll also be one of only a few places in the world testing new technology from HP. 

It's a backpack that lets you walk through any building wearing virtual reality goggles. 

Current VR programs only let you walk a few feet away from the gaming consoles. 

Carter says it's all just a fraction of the area's recent growth.

"You look at Crew, Analog, Raw, Daytrotter, the theatre's marquee went up, the school got done, all the streetscape got finished over there-- I mean, that's a ton of activity," says Carter.

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