Milltown Coffee forced to close once again due to rising water


People at Milltown Coffee in Moline have been keeping a close eye on the Mississippi River as the water inches closer to the local storefront.

Milltown Coffee was forced to close it’s doors for more than two weeks at the height of the flood last month.

Employees worked around the clock to clean up and re-open and were able to get back to business for a few weeks. 

But on Thursday, owner Cameron Cartee announced on their Facebook page that popular local spot would be forced to close once again. 

“Of course it hurts us,” said Cartee. “You can’t get here. You can look at the road, there’s just…you can’t do anything about it.”

By Wednesday afternoon, the entrance to Milltown’s parking lot off River Drive was under water. Loyal customers were taking a back alley off 34th Street to get there. 

“It’s a small business so, you know, if somebody doesn’t come who knows what will happen,” said visitor Tarra Stephinich.  

Cartee says they’ve had to reduce hours and staff for two months now. 

He says once the water reached 20.5 feet it starts to get inside, forcing Cartee to temporarily close once again.

Now, they’re going to close for a third time on Friday until further notice. But Cartee says they’re staying optimistic, and they’re grateful for the community’s support.

“We’re holding up okay,” said Cartee. “Spirits are high just like the water is but we’ll be fine in the end of it.” 

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