A local car wash in Moline has found itself at the center of concerns on social media. 

It’s a story you’ll only find on Local 4 News.

Colona resident, CJ Durbin, tells Local 4 News after he took his car through Extreme Clean on Monday, his black Silverado truck was covered in scratches from front to back.

“When I got home I had seen the truck in the light and realized it was pretty severely scratched from front to rear bumper,” said Durbin. 

He says he took it back to Extreme Clean, located at 4506 Avenue of the Cities, when he noticed the damage and filed a complaint.

But says he later received a voicemail from management saying they were denying his claim. 

“Because my scratches are vertical instead of horizontal, and their machines do not run vertical,” said Durbin. “Well there is no scratches on my truck that are vertical, they are all horizontal.”

Durbin says the owner did buy him a few different types of car wax to fix the damage.

“Which is not going to do anything for something like this,” he said.

Durbin says the only thing that is going to remove the damage, is having it buffed out. He says that is going to cost him several hundred dollars to do. 

“I wasn’t asking for a million dollars. I was just asking for them to help me get this fixed, resolve it, get it right,” he said.

On Thursday, Durbin shared a Facebook post about his experience with the car wash, with a video of the damage. In just a matter of hours, the post had been shared more than 75 times, and received hundreds of comments.

As of Thursday evening, Local 4 News had counted comments from 14 different people claiming their cars were also damaged at Extreme Clean. 

“Quite a bit of a surprise really,” said Durbin. “There were a lot of comments with people saying the same thing has happened to them. When you get this many people then it’s not a coincidence.” 

One of the commenters was Seth McKay, who says his red 2018 Mustang was also scratched. McKay says it happened to him about a month ago, and he didn’t realize it until he went to have his car detailed the next day. McKay says at the time, he did not file a complaint with the car wash because he didn’t think they would fix the damage.  

“I noticed everyone having issues, it’s just kind of something that needs to be addressed. I’m glad I stopped taking my car there when I did because I may have ended up in the same position [Durbin] is in.”

“Why would we blame him if it happened anywhere else?” said Durbin. “I have no reason to pin this on this guy.”

Local 4 News followed up with Extreme Clean and the owners declined an on-camera interview. But they did share surveillance video with us of Durbin entering and leaving the car wash. They say it’s clear from the video that Durbin’s car was not damaged when it was leaving the car wash.

They also shared surveillance video of an owner handing Durbin the car wax they purchased to repair it. 

On Thursday, Durbin says he stands by his claims. 

“The car was at Waterpark car wash maybe two weeks prior, and I walked around it then and it looked great,” he said. “So I know it happened that day.”

Now he says it’s not just about getting his car fixed, but about getting the word out. 

“I figured everybody should really see this and maybe they don’t pay enough attention to their cars as I do, so they should maybe keep an eye on that thing to keep this from happening,” said Durbin.

Because while he may be able to erase the scratches, Durbin says after this experience there’s some damage that just can’t be undone.  

“At this point I have a very bad taste in my mouth…there’s no going back to that.”

The owners went on to tell Local 4 News they do not scratch cars. They say the surveillance video proves Durbin’s car was not damaged by their car wash. They added that they take pride in their work, and run a good, honest business.