Moline Halloween Parade returns for its 51st year


The streets of Downtown Moline got a visit from some clowns, princesses, and movie characters.

The Moline Little League Softball held the annual Moline Halloween Parade.

“Who doesn’t want to dress up as a chicken,” said Quad City Angels softball player Rebecka Larson.

Tricks, costumes and treats.

Halloween brings out people’s scary or silly side. 

“I’m a cow, I’m Barney,” said Quad City Angels softball players Mackenzie Hudson and Bekuh Moss. 

No matter the costume, it’s the best time of the year for many. Just ask the Quad City Angels softball team.

“Halloween is my favorite holiday it’s really fun,” said Hudson.

It’s their first year taking part in the Moline Halloween Parade.They decorated their float as the board game Candy Land and dressed up in onesies. 

“This brought us a lot closer,” said Larson. 

The annual Halloween tradition hit the streets with the theme, favorite board games. 

Many dressed for the occasion, passed out candy and decorated a float or performed.

Like any Halloween lover, the Quad City Angels enjoyed every second of it. 

“It’s really exciting because I love little kids and I get to hand out to all of them. And just see all their little costumes that they’re wearing,” said Larson. 

As the parade made its way through Downtown Moline.

You saw nothing, but superheroes, clowns and movie characters. But most of all, there was smiling faces.

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