Moline Police enforce zero tolerance policy for distracted driving


Moline Police took Local 4 News for a ride Friday to show that it’s not just teens texting behind the wheel.

It’s part of our continuing converage on distracted driving. 

Local 4 News spoke with teenagers about distracted driving on Tuesday. Police say today it’s a problem for both kids and adults. 

Officers in Moline say they’re cracking down on it by implementing a zero-tolerance policy. 

After issuing a spree of citations during distracted driving week last week, Moline Police say it’s time to crack down on an issue that could kill you.

“We see everything.,” said Officer Eric Wells. “People just using their phones in their hands, they’re either looking at their phone reading a notification, checking GPS or they’re talking on their cellphone.”

In the span of a few hours, drivers wizzed by with their eyes on their phones, and Officer Wells spent the morning reminding a few drivers to keep their eyes on the road. 

One driver said she was lost and using her GPS to find her way. 

Another was talking on the phone as she drove by.

And a third was texting while driving. 

But Officer Wells says if you’re on your phone, you’re out of luck. And issued a few tickets to distracted drivers this afternoon. 

It’s not just teenagers,” said Officer Wells. “Everybody does it. Adults, males, females, everyone.” 

They’re tickets that come with a heft price tag, $120 to be exact. 

Police say the most frustrating part is knowing many accidents are avoidable. 

“It’s always preventable,” said Officer Wells. “If people just put their phones down and pay attention to the roadway, most accidents probably wouldn’t have happened.”  

If drivers would make safety a top priority when they’re behind the wheel. 

Now the Moline Police Department is hoping their message will make you think twice, before risking your life.

“We don’t enjoy writing tickets to people,” said Officer Wells. “But hopefully this will sink in that this is a serious thing that people need to put their cell phones down and pay attention to the road.”  

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