A Moline teenager is getting statewide recognition for his work to replace worn out flags in the Quad Cities.

Liam Willcox started his flag restoration project six months ago.  He replaced 67 worn out flags over that time.

Last month he received a letter and flag from the President acknowledging his service to the community.

Tomorrow he’ll be honored during a presentation to Illinois lawmakers at the Capitol.

“Liam is very much like you’re average 13 year old kid. The uniqueness of him is definitely the character that he has and the patriotism for our country,” said Liam’s mom Stephanie Willcox.

Just like many teen boys — Liam Willcox enjoys playing sports and video games. But when he takes a look at an American flag he takes great pride in it.    

“The flag is a representation of what our country is about and what our country is,” said Flag Restoration Project founder Liam Willcox.

He noticed several flags were damaged in his neighborhood and had to do something about it. 

“I feel a sense of responsibility cause like if we can find this many flags than there’s a need in the community and around the area,” said Liam.

He started the Flag Restoration Project and has replaced dozens of damaged American flags across the Quad Cities.

“So it makes me feel like this is actually something like worth doing because it’s just not something that’s going to waste in the back of the mind,” said Liam.

His dedication has earned him several recognitions on a state and national level.

“It’s just been an incredible journey, but to see him so dedicated so such a period of time it’s been endearing,” said Stephanie. “I have so tried to observe every minute the opportunities given to him.”

When he’s at the state Capitol tomorrow he wants to take his mission one step further, 

“What I’m really hoping to do is like get my project out and across more of Illinois,” said Liam. “And just get everyone involved to just spread it out a little more.”

To Liam, taking care of the Old Glory has the same value as kicking a soccer ball when he gets the chance: It’s what he loves doing.    

“It’s been pretty fun. It hasn’t been a burden at all to have this project, it’s been more of privledge than anything,” said Liam.

His mom didn’t ask what exactly he was being honored for tomorrow. She wanted to keep the moment special and give him the element of surprise. 

He plans on taking a few flags to Springfield tomorrow and hopes to change a few while he’s down there.