The Moline-to-Chicago train may soon be one big step closer to making it to the station, but it means drivers filling up in Illinois will have to pay double in taxes at the pump.

Illinois’ $45 billion infrastructure plan is just waiting for a signature from governor JB Pritzker. We first told you about it last month. The plan earmarked $225 million to finish the rail line. 

That money is coming from several new taxes and several tax increases. One of them is a doubling of the motor gas tax.

Instead of paying 19 cents per gallon, drivers in Illinois will have to pay 38 cents starting July 1.

It will cost drivers about $100 extra a year, and generate about $1.2 billion for the state.

“It’s typical Illinois,” said Geoffrey Campbell. 

Life-long Illinois resident Steven Johnson said if the money is going toward something good, like the train then it’s worth it. 

“It just gets to the point where you just get used to it because, you know, Illinois is hurting right now,” Johnson said.

But another life-long Illinois resident isn’t convinced. Jerry Nesbitt said he doubts the money will actually be used on infrasture and thinks the tax increase will drive customers across the river. 

“I think a lot of our customers here in Illinois are going to go to Iowa and that’s going to be a big problem for us here in Illinois,” Nesbitt said.

Local 4 News spoke executive director of the Midwest High Speed Rail Association Richard Harnish. He says the funding is a huge step, although he’s not sure when we can expect to see results.

However, we asked Nesbitt and Campbell if they thought the rail way was any closer to completion. 

“I have to see it to believe it,” Nesbitt said. 

Campbell just laughed.