Almost $2 million in budget cuts are coming to Iowa agencies this year, on top of the already $10 million in cuts approved by Governor Terry Branstad earlier this month.

On Friday afternoon, the Department of Revenue sent a completed budget estimate to the governor, detailing that Iowa’s three public universities would be suffering from more cuts, as well as the Department of Corrections. This provision was already outlined in Senate File 130, the FY 17 reductions bill. 

“We had 30 days to release the numbers and released them as soon as they were completed,” said Ben Hammes with the governor’s staff. 

Segmented out, the University of Iowa must cut an additional $1.2 million from its current budget; UNI must find about half a million to cut; Iowa State University has to cut about another million; Iowa State Patrol is suffering a half a million cut; and the prison system must cut a quarter of a million dollars from this year’s budget.

Branstad had already approved millions of dollars in cuts to departments’ fiscal year 2017 budgets. Those numbers were based on the December revenue report.