More Davenport residents being evacuated, placed on flood notice


Davenport city employees observed water bubbling from under the pavement outside of the City of Davenport’s Union Station around 9:50 p.m. Wednesday, says a city spokeperson:

“The river has infiltrated the ground and pavement surrounding the facility inside of the flood barrier so that despite efforts, floodwaters will get into the building.  

No individuals are impacted.  

Recovery from flooding on the lowest level will be necessary after the river recedes.

Tenants are being notified.”

Earlier on Wednesday, people who live in Davenport’s Garden Addition were also placed on alert.

Here is a statement from a city spokesperson: 

“This morning as a precautionary measure, City of Davenport staff issued notices to residents of the Garden Addition of what to do in the event there were to be an issue with the flood berm protecting that neighborhood. City staff has been walking the berm in this area repeatedly and the berm appears to be in sound condition. There are several pumps working to remove excess water and maintain/improve the current areas that have taken on some flooding.  No residents have been instructed to evacuate at this time; however, all residents are asked to have a heightened awareness to river and creek levels while they remain at near-record stages.”

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