On a quiet street in Davenport neighbors got a rude awakening Sunday morning. 

Elesha Gayman says when she went to drop off her 4-year-old son at her parent’s Davenport home, she found a disturbing flier in their driveway. 

The flier was wrapped around weekend advertisements that had been delivered with the Sunday newspaper. They read “Love Your Race,” and listed a link to a white supremacist group. 

“Immediately my first thought when we saw it I just wanted to like go door to door and hug my neighbors,” said Gayman. “Because we have a very diverse neighborhood here and I don’t want anyone to feel intimidated about living here or being part of this community.” 

Gayman says what was most concerning was knowing someone had been so close to their homes, possibly delivering the fliers overnight. 

“You question their motives and the fact that they want to hide about this, and not just do it in the light of day.”

Jerry Jensen lives across from Gayman and says he also received a flier. He says his 93-year-old mother was especially disturbed by the fliers after living through the Civil Rights movement.  

 “I’m just hoping everybody did the same thing and put them in recycling bin and that was the end of it,” Jensen. 

This isn’t the first time people in Davenport have seen these messages. Back in August fliers by te same group were found on car windshields in a Menard’s parking lot. 

A no-hate group called One Human Family QCA started a “No-Hate Rally” in response to the fliers, with thousands of people showing up in support. Neighbors say they want those posting the flier to know “hate has no home here.” 

“We need to love one another and love our neighbors,” said Gayman.

But now they say knowing someone was so close to their homes means the supremacist group doesn’t seem to be going away.  

“We’re new to the area, to this area of Davenport, anyway. So it’s a little concerning,” said Jensen.

They say they don’t want the fliers to get into the wrong hands, especially their children’s.  

“It is very disheartening because there’s web addresses on it and kids have access to tablets and anything, I really do worry about kids finding it,” saidGayman. 

But neighbors say they won’t be deterred by the disturbing signs, and will continue to push for unity throughout the community. 

“Stand up and speak out against it so that people know that they’re not alone and that it’s not tolerated and won’t be tolerated in this community,” said Gayman. 

If you’d like to make a report to One Human Family QCA you can do so here