Morning team learns Aerial Yoga

James, Brittany & Ashe try Aerial Yoga for the first time.

DAVENPORT, Iowa - James, Brittany and Ashe stepped out of the news studio to try something new. Owner of Davenport School of Yoga, Jeani Mackenzie, gave the morning team a preview of an Aerial Yoga class. 

"You learn to do yoga in the air. You're supported by the fabric. What I first noticed when I started this six years ago, is when I came back to my mat, I noticed I wasn't supporting myself like the fabric did. It changed my mat practice," Mackenzie said. The poses Mackenzie walked the team through included tree pose, a flip-over, handstand and vampire pose. 

"It's an hour long class. You're going to be doing a lot of different things in the fabric. The first thing you have to do is trust the fabric, you're not going to fall down. They're going to be surprised at how much upper body strength it takes, and how much they can acquire by doing this stuff. Abdominal strength is required. It's an all-around workout," Mackenzie said.  

"We just finished our first ever demonstration of aerial yoga! How do you think we did?" Brittany said. 
"I think you did great! You did everything," Mackenzie said. 
"Thanks for the encouragement, Jeani. Now Ashe, you were a little apprehensive about this. So, how do you think it went?" Brittany said. 
"I wasn't too far off the group, so I was good. You're not that far. I enjoyed it, actually a lot," Ashe said.  
"That's awesome! And James, you just killed it," Brittany said. 
"You know, I've been working out a lot. I've got the arm strength. You really do have to put a lot of trust in this sling, like you were saying," James said. 

Visit Davenport School of Yoga for more information. 

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