Motivational speaker visits Rock Falls Middle School


Nathan Harmon became a motivational speaker after getting into a drunk driving accident that killed one of his friends.

Harmon travels throughout the country speaking to students and his goal is to help them become better version of themselves.

On Tuesday he visited students from Rock Falls Middle School.

“Four years ago we started speaking at public schools in Indiana, it grew and now we go all over the country,” said Harmon.

Harmon wants kids to learn something from the big mistake he made that night he decided to get behind the wheel drunk.

7th grader Cheveyo Johnson said hearing Harmon’s words impacted him greatly.

“It kinda affected me to be honest it got my emotions out and I was talking to my friends about it and it really made me think about differently,” said Johnson.

Harmon says he gets that a lot from students he talks to.

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