Muddy Waters track ready for dirt bike riding season


The warm Spring-like weather made for a perfect day for riding dirt bikes.

And it was a great day for enthusiasts to attend Muddy Waters MX’s season opening in East Moline.

Sunday April 29th, was the first race of the year at the Muddy Waters track. And riders were excited to finally bring out their bikes from hibernation. 

About 200 dirt bike riders braved the jagged terrains. Riders coasted up and down steep pathways.

And made plenty of sharp turns and jumps along the dirt course.

Although many of the riders were either teenagers or young adults. Several kids, as young as four were in on the action too.

Riders say the sport is more than just ripping around in the dirt. It’s about the adrenaline you get when getting some serious air on jumps.

“The rush you get is a freedom in its self. When you ride your dirt bike, your mind goes clear and you kind of forget the reality of life for a little bit. It’s a getaway,” said dirt bike rider Justin Kelly.

Kelly travels and competes across the country. He says that it takes a lot of dedication and practice, but it’s worth it.

The Muddy Waters track has about 7 meets left and lots of practices in-between. Their next race is on May 20th.    

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