Multiple law agencies are facing a lawsuit for falsely arresting a college student


A college student traveling through East Moline with his swim team is suing several local police departments for false arrest and excessive force.

Jaylan Butler is part of the Eastern Illinois University swim team.

It all stems from a trip last February when the team was coming back from a college championship in South Dakota.

Their bus stopped off the Interstate 80 near East Moline when the player says the officers crossed a line.

Jaylan Butler is being represented by an attorney at the ACLU of Illinois and she says her client is traumatized after this incident.

According to Rachel Murphy her client was taking a picture.

As he was walking back to the bus several police vehicles pulled up and stopped in front of him.

She says they pulled out their weapons and that’s when Jaylan put his hands up and dropped his phone.

She says the officers then ran towards the victim and pushed him to the ground.

Once the officers realized they had the wrong person, she says they left him in hand-cuffs.

The police departments named in the lawsuit are East Moline, Hampton Police Departments and the Rock Island County Sheriff’s Office.

The Rock Island County’s Sheriff’s Office did send out a statement, stating that two of their deputies arrived after Jaylan had been detained and had limited interaction with him

“To be the target of that no idea why the police are there and why they’re coming at you. He didn’t even get an apology or any kind of explanation for what happened the officers just left didn’t get any documentation they ignored his request to have the officers names and badge numbers so he can file a complaint,” said Murphy.

We did reach out multiple times to the East Moline and Hampton Police Departments but they did not get back to us.

The head coach of the swim team did say he is very supportive of Jaylan in this case and won’t make any further comments.

The case is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois.

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