Muscatine speed cameras to start ticketing in March


Muscatine’s traffic cameras will be issuing citations once again – starting Friday, March 1.

The five cameras have been operational but have not been ticketing drivers for speeding or running a red lights since September.

The city has been amending an ordinace to comply with an Iowa Supreme Court ruling on the “Automated Traffic Enforcement” program – and how those violations were processed.

Drivers we spoke with have mixed reactions.

“I feel like it’s entrapment,” says Mary Gustafson, “and I don’t feel like the cops are out doing what they’re hired to do.”

“I just think if they hire more police officers, they wouldn’t have to use the traffic cams,” says Michael Putt. “They’re pretty much here to get money.”

“Slow down. Quit breaking the law,” says Luke Barnes. “It’s clearly marked that there’s a traffic light coming up and we’re going to take your picture, and that’s what happened.”

From January through August of last year, 1,943 citations were issued for red light violations and 5,979 for speeding.

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