MUSCOM director accused of bartending while on the clock


The director of MUSCOM was arrested after police say she tried to get paid for working two jobs at the same time.

Beverly Griffith is accused of falsifying her timesheet. 

The 46-year-old who runs Muscatine’s 911 center is charged with tampering with records. 

That’s an aggravated misdemeanor.

A criminal complaint obtained by Local 4 News claims Griffith filled out her official timesheet as if she was working at the emergency dispatch center while actually working at a bar.

Local 4′s James Sears spoke with Muscatine Mayor Diana Broderson by phone today.

She wants to reassure everyone the people in Muscatine County are safe and being looked after.

The MUSCOM Commission is the body that oversees the 911 dispatch center operating out of the Muscatine Police Department.

The MUSCOM director is a full-time position with the county.

Griffith got the job back in May.

The criminal complaint accuses her of bartending at a licensed liquor establishment on days in January and February, when she put on her timesheet, she was working at MUSCOM.

Muscatine Councilmember Kelcey Brackett tells Local 4 News, MUSCOM will continue on as usual. 

We’ve got people that can be called in at a moment’s notice in emergency, and it is situated in the police department. So it’s in a secure location that can be staffed at a moment’s notice if something comes up.

Griffith was placed on administrative leave.

Broderson says personnel matters are kept confidential, but any criminal charges will be made public.

She adds the city will work its way through this, and the public has nothing to be alarmed about.


The manager of MUSCOM was accused Thursday of filling out a timesheet at the emergency dispatching center while she was actually working at a bar. 

Beverly Griffith, 46, of Muscatine was charged with tampering with records, an aggravated misdemeanor.

According to a criminal complaint, Griffith filled out her official timesheet for MUSCOM indicating she was at work when in actuality she was working at a licensed liquor establishment in Muscatine County as a bartender.

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