Coronavirus hits records Friday in St. Louis area, Missouri and Illinois

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ST. LOUIS – The Coronavirus surge hit new, record levels in the St. Louis area, the State of Missouri, and the State of Illinois, Friday.   

Health officials reported the total number of cases for the pandemic topped more than 200,000 in Missouri with a record number of 3,931 daily new cases reported; the total for the pandemic neared 460,000 in Illinois with daily new cases topping 10,000 for the first time.      

The St. Louis Metropolitan Pandemic Task Force released new numbers for the St. Louis region: a record 97 new daily hospital admissions, topping Thursday’s record of 94; 25 more than last week’s record of 72.

Total hospitalizations continued to soar toward the highest point in April of 757 confirmed cases plus suspected cases; that number dropped to 212 in June; it stood at 651 Friday, with the number of patients in ICU beds and/or on ventilators more than doubling since June.

Dr. Alex Garza, Incident Commander of the Task Force says informal social gatherings were driving the spread. St. Louis area hospitals were at 90 percent capacity for COVID-19 patients.   

Stricter lockdowns like complete park closures and community-wide curfews from the early days of the pandemic are still on the table, he said. He also insisted everything was still in our own hands.

“It is really up to the community on how this goes forward,” Dr. Garza said. “The mindset should be, ‘I need to be doing everything I can.’ That means no informal gatherings. You should really be treating everybody as if they have COVID when you’re out in public. You really need to act like coronavirus is all around you. That’s the only way to really interrupt transmission.”

Deaths were up, too. Missouri reported 25 more COVID-related deaths. Illinois reported 49, bringing the two-state total to more than 13,200, with more than 1,935 in the St. Louis region.

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