Drake AD Responds to Governor Reynolds’ Claims About State Track Meet Attendance

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DES MOINES, IOWA — Drake University Athletic Director Brian Hardin is thanking Governor Reynolds for her interest in the attendance policy at this year’s State Track Meet at Drake Stadium. But he doesn’t appear to be swayed by her arguments.

Governor Reynolds, in a letter on Tuesday, asked Drake University’s Athletic Director to reconsider limits on attendance for this year’s state track meet at Drake Stadium. The Governor writes that she has heard capacity could be limited to 33% for the event later this month. Her arguments against that figure include a contradictory comparison to the Kentucky Derby.

On Wednesday afternoon Hardin responded with a letter to the Governor, thanking her for writing but not mentioning any change of plans. Hardin points out the irony of Governor Reynolds’ letter offering the Kentucky Derby as an event whose policies could be replicated. The Kentucky Derby actually had an attendance of below 31% and state health officials are concerned the fans who were in attendance may have caused a superspreader event.

“The capacity percentage we will have for the Iowa High School State Track & Field Championships will be greater than the percentage used by 25 of 30 Major League Baseball teams. Additionally, our capacity percentage will be almost identical to what was permitted at the Kentucky Derby this past weekend in Louisville as just over 51,000 fans attended the spacious venue that holds more than 160,000 spectators.”

Brian Hardin, Drake University Athletics Director

Hardin also informs the Governor of the progress Drake University has made in increasing fan attendance percentages since it first allowed basketball fans in January. You can read the full letter from Hardin below:

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