Enjoy watching scary movies in the fall? You’re not alone

National News

A new report shows which states have people watching the most scary movies during the Halloween season. The Midwest had four states within the top-ten, including Illinois ranking second.

The list was created based on tracking more than 160,000 tweets discussing horror movies and tracking the location of those tweets.

The top-ten states for watching scary moves during the Halloween season according to the report are:

  1. Texas
  2. Illinois
  3. Indiana
  4. Ohio
  5. New Jersey
  6. Utah
  7. California
  8. Alaska
  9. Arizona
  10. Michigan

The report was put together by a home entertainment and theater seating company. They gathered tweets by searching for hashtags such as #horrormovies, #scarymovies, #scarymovienight, #horrorfilms, #horrorlover, #horrorfan, etc.

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