INSIDERS: Ashley Hinson Says $15 Minimum Wage is a ‘Death Wish’ for Iowa Small Businesses

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Part 1

If the minimum wage is increased to $15 per hour, nearly half of Iowa’s workforce could get a raise. The federal minimum wage has stayed at $7.25 per hour for the past 12 years. Congressional Democrats talked about raising that to $15 as part of an overall budget move and said COVID-19’s impact on families should be an extra reason to make this change. Iowa Congresswoman Ashley Hinson disagrees. She said a $15 minimum wage would be harmful to Iowa and a “death wish” for small businesses in the state.

Part 2

Since Michael Franken finished second to Theresa Greenfield in the four-person U.S. Senate Democratic primary last year, the retired Navy vice admiral has pondered his future. Here’s one factor Franken admitted he doesn’t like about running for office.

Part 3

Iowa’s COVID-19 vaccine allotment is among the lowest in the country. John Forbes, a part-time lawmaker and a full-time pharmacist, said it’s been a stressful experience trying to get Iowans vaccinated. He said there are a few moments that really stand out in the middle of this chaos, and they show how scarce vaccines are for those searching for them.

Part 4

Franken returns for the Insiders Quick 6.

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