Iowa edges out Illinois on ‘Happiest States in America’ list

National News

A list produced by WalletHub ranked Iowa as the 8th happiest state in the country, while Illinois came in 29th.

The list takes into account statistics involving depression, sleep rates, sports participation rates, suicide rates, hours worked, unemployment rates, income growth, volunteer rates, divorce rates, and safety.

Those statistics were placed into three categories: Emotional & Physical Well-Being, Work Environment and Community & Environment. Iowa place 15th in Emotional & Physical Well-Being, 6th in Work Environment and 11th in Community & Environment. Illinois placed 13th in Emotional & Physical Well-Being, 45th in Work Environment and 46th in Community & Environment.

Iowa ranked inside the top-5 for the lowest long-term unemployment rate and highest volunteer rate. Illinois ranked inside the bottom-5 for the highest long-term unemployment rate.

Full rankings and details on the metrics used to create the list can be found on WalletHub.

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