Kahlua offers $25,000 in “Stir Up Your Routine” challenge, to unplug from technology

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Kahlua wants couples to stir up their routines by disconnecting, to reconnect with each other.

A popular coffee-flavored liqueur wants to know if you can go on a diet….but not from drinks.

Kahlua — the coffee, rum and sugar liqueur — has a big challenge to see if you can “disconnect” from technology and the Internet for one month. In Kahlua’s “Stir Up Your Routine” Challenge, they will give $25,000 to one tech-starved couple who go Internet and social-media free for a month. You’ll get some Kahlua, too, to help.

“One of the biggest things getting in the way of happy relationships is – you guessed it – screen time, with nearly half of Americans admitting they spend five to six hours on their phones daily,” according to the online challenge website.

“While our screen routines have come to rule our individual daily lives, they are also stealing quality time from our partners. That’s why Kahlúa wants to help couples break up the mundane and inject more playfulness into the everyday together,” the site says. “Whether it’s playing a new game, learning a new hobby together or finally mastering that Espresso Martini recipe, it’s time to stir up our evening routines!”

The #KahluaStirItUpChallenge gives couples the chance to disconnect to reconnect, and liven up their nightly routines for a big reward.

The winning couple will receive a “Kahlúa Kit” on wheels, packed 30-nights of activities to help stir up their routines — from perfecting the Kahlúa Espresso Martini to facing off in a cooking challenge to trying their hand at feng shui.

Think you and your significant other have what it takes to stir up your routine? Enter for your chance to win HERE.

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