WILMINGTON, Del. (NEXSTAR) – Joe Biden’s Greenville, Delaware home now sits below a temporarily restricted airspace.

With ballots still being counted, the Federal Aviation Administration has established a “national defense airspace” over the former vice president’s home, along with another location in Wilmington.

The second airspace sits over the Chase Center in Wilmington where Biden took the stage with running mate Kamala Harris and addressed supporters Wednesday. The FAA restriction expires Saturday.

The FAA website shows the reason for the airspace designation over Biden’s home only as “security,” a standard protocol for protecting a major party’s presidential candidate. It will be in place until November 11.

“In this case, there’s not been an official announcement regarding the reason for this NOTAM (notice to airmen),” according to a statement on Virginia’s federal Department of Aviation website. “The FAA’s action, however, is being interpreted by some as a part of heightened security protocols in the event of Mr. Biden’s election as President of the United States.”

Joe Biden’s Secret Service protection is slated to grow Friday, with additional agents heading to Wilmington, The Washington Post reports. Biden’s campaign says he will give a speech during prime time Friday but did not say what he plans to say.

According to the FAA website, airspace may be restricted for a variety of causes, including sporting events, airports, “security sensitive airspace restrictions” and “restricted or special use airspace.”

The airspace over Washington D.C. is also restricted, providing a secure, 30-mile ring for the sitting president to travel in.