National Guard still waiting to get paid for inauguration day mission

National News

SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (NEXSTAR) — The Illinois National Guard is still waiting for its money.

The last of the troops that went out to Washington D.C. to protect the capitol during inauguration have been back for a while, but the state is still waiting on congress to pay them back for all of the money that was spent during the mission.

“You would also have a personal impact on both our our traditional national guard soldiers and airmen in our full time workforce,” Maj. Gen. Richard Neely said. “Most of these traditional soldiers and airmen would lose two months of drill pay, which many of these troops and their families depend on.”

In total, the national guard spent over half a billion dollars on its mission, and if the money isn’t paid back soon, it could lead to a budget shortfall of over 31 million dollars, according to Neely.

“Now, after everything our troops have done, everything their families have sacrificed,” Neely said. “The Illinois National Guard may be required to cancel august and september drill weekend for 13,000. Soldiers and airmen cancel upcoming annual training events.”

And it’s not just Illinois. Other states sent hundreds of troops to help with the capitol mission, and they are also waiting on their checks. Indiana’s national guard joined Neely yesterday to call on congress to act.

“Our soldiers and our airmen rely on predictability,” Dale Lyles, Adjutant General, Indiana National Guard said. “So do our civilian employers. So our soldiers and airmen must know when they’re going to train in august and September in order to allow their employers and their families to know that.”

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