National Guard troops to prevent further looting in Southern California

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SAN DIEGO (Border Report) — California National Guard troops have been deployed to San Diego County to try and suppress looting.

San Diego County Sheriff Bill Gore requested troops be stationed around the county especially in the city of La Mesa about 25 minutes east of Downtown San Diego.

Riots have broken out nationwide in the wake of George Floyd’s death and the subsequent arrest of a Minneapolis officer accused of killing him.

La Mesa has been the site of heavy looting where two banks and several cars have been set on fire. And an entire strip mall was vandalized and looted.

According to numbers released Thursday, 100 troops will patrol La Mesa. The other 100 will be stationed outside the county’s administration building.

The troops will work alongside law enforcement to provide security to critical infrastructures such as public buildings, courthouses and power grids.

They will remain in place to prevent looting and arson, Gore said.

“We remain committed in protecting people’s right to peacefully protest. We also want to
prepare for any demonstrations escalating into riots,” Gore said in a statement Thursday.

“Last weekend, deputies came to the aid of La Mesa police, but we did not have enough resources to stop the vandals and thieves from targeting law enforcement and ravaging businesses,” Gore said. “The crowd was more than we anticipated. We were outmanned. We’re not going to let that happen again.”

There have been no significant protests organized in La Mesa since last weekend.

According to Gore, the National Guard troops cannot make arrests, but can detain people until officers and/or deputies arrive.

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